Gimme a Break!

It’s so hard to find time to do everything you want to do or need to get done, but it’s especially frustrating when you realize that you’ve had time and have instead frittered it away surfing the web, daydreaming, or just dickin around. It’s been weeks since I last posted on here, which isn’t good. I know that I shouldn’t be that hard on myself, it’s not like I have anything depending on my posting regularly on this blog, but the real reason I’m doing this is to try to develop a web presence that will in turn create a certain amount of product and brand recognition for when I eventually get my farm up and running. I can’t very well do that if I let a month pass in between posts, now can I? That said, I will hopefully be posting more regularly here on out!

A fair amount has happened since my last post. I took a week off from everything, i.e. crossfit, farming, walking, breathing… well, in a manner of speaking. The whole week I got home from work and planted myself on the couch in front of the T.V. screen and watched shows on netflix until bed time. It was great! I was beginning to get a little burnt out from going a hundred miles-per-hour since May, and it was beginning to really wear on me… my attitude and performance at work was suffering, I was going to the gym less and less, and I wasn’t really sleeping very well. It’s not healthy to not take a break, and I realized that and did something about it! The weekend following that week, I went up to NoVA for my best friend’s little sister’s wedding, which was a blast! Congratulations Carley and JC! I always told Matt it would be me you’d end up with, Carley, but such is life. Just joshin. I wish you guys the very best!

To New Beginnings!

To New Beginnings!

Once I returned to the Queen City, however, I decided that the break was good, but it was time to get down to brass tacks! I have been developing a (somewhat) balanced routine, where I schedule in down-time so as to keep myself sane. It’s been going pretty well. I’ve definitely been going to the gym a lot more regularly, which has been really good, because I highly value keeping my body healthy, and I’ve also never known a better antidepressant than getting a good workout!

Big news: I bought a truck! A 2001 Ford F-150 with a V8 Triton motor with 140k miles on it. It was a good deal, and I’m hoping that it will last me at least 5 years… seems reasonable, don’t it? I have named her Lisa, after someone I used to know. She’ll do just fine, I do believe! I even purchased “Auto Repair for Dummies” so’s I can maintain her myself!

She purrs like a silverback gorilla

She Purrs Like a Silverback Gorilla

Last week, Joe and Dani drove up to Milwaukee for a wedding, and left the farm in my eager and untrained hands! It really wasn’t all that bad, I had to wake up at 5:30am to go out and feed the turkeys, the laying hens, the broiler chickens, the rabbits, the chicks, and the dog, and then hop in the shower and leave for work around 7. That was the worst part, stuck in traffic for an hour and a half to and from work… what a drag! I did lose two chickens under my watch, one was smothered in the night by it’s brethren, which happens more frequently than you’d imagine. The other, I killed. I rolled over him whilst moving the chicken tractor to new grass. Chickens aren’t very smart, it would have been too easy for him to get out of the way, and I couldn’t see all the way to the back, sooo tough luck little buddy, but that’s the facts of life! Where are you now? BURIED!



On sunday I spend three or four hours washing eggs that I had collected throughout the week, by hand, and now have a killer blister on my thumb that just won’t pop! I usually pop them myself, but I read somewhere that that’s not what your supposed to do, you’re supposed to let it ride. It speaks to me, and we’ve become rather close over the past couple days, and I’ll be sad to see it go. Weird. Yeah, I washed close to 300 eggs, and ended up with 21 dozen (some broke in the process, of course). Note to self, when I’m producing my own eggs, collect and wash DAILY so they don’t pile up to a three or four hour blistering chore… All in all, I consider it a job well done!

Be Egg-celent To Each Other!

Be Egg-cellent To Each Other!

The high-tunnel project has been underway now for the past couple weeks, and I spent some time Saturday planting some trays of lettuce and watering. A lot of lettuce being grown in this project, and who doesn’t like lettuce? Show me a man that doesn’t like lettuce, and I’ll fight that man. Lettuce, along with most leafy greens, thrive in the cooler temperatures of the oncoming autumn, and I’m glad to be learning what I can!

Lettuce Do This Right! (get it?)

Lettuce Do This Right! (get it?)

Well, theres a brief overview of my past three weeks or so. There is a lot on my mind right now, but I gotta sort it out a bit in my head, and it will be good to save for another post. Tomorrow I’m taking the day off of work and going to a small-scale egg production workshop, and I will be sure to take some pictures and let you know how it goes! Until then, be excellent to each other, and party on, dude!

Ol' Blue

Ol’ Blue


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