How to Become a Farmer

How to Become a Farmer

By: Ben Street

  1. Start saving money every week.
  2. Start volunteering for a farmer.
  3. Start reading on the subject, voraciously.
  4. Make good, productive habits. Break bad ones.
  5. Try to grow a tomato plant on your balcony. It’s ok if you’re unsuccessful.
  6. Budget your money.
  7. Always remember, balance is the key to discipline.
  8. Go to a farm meeting. Meet people in the community!
  9. Keep dreaming, and always be scheming.
  10. Organize yourself. Make lists and keep dates!
  11. Keep your day job!
  12. Get rid of your car and acquire a pickup truck.
  13. Keep volunteering, going to meetings, and getting involved. You’ll learn something new every other minute.
  14. Quit your job?
  15. Nope. Get transferred to New York City to shut down your branch office, unbeknownst to you. Live in Brooklyn, meet some awesome and crazy people, enjoy the city, go to some shows, eat some great food, and make tons of money. You can try to grow herbs in your windowsill. It’s ok if you’re unsuccessful.
    1. It might be nice to not attempt amidst a terrible winter.
  16. Move back to the South, where things grow better.
  17. Use savings from New York to buy a camper to live in, and settle in at some campground.
  18. Get a girlfriend, have fun, it’s spring! You’ve earned it!
  19. Minimize.
  20. Eliminate unnecessary monthly expenditures.
  21. Stop purchasing unnecessary things. Instead, spend money to maintain the things you have.
  22. Reconnect with the farming community you’d abandoned for the better part of a year!
  23. You better still be reading.
  24. Buy a motorcycle! Not only because it’s badass, but to minimize the gasoline budget as well.
  25. Take a beginner motorcycling class.
  26. Quit your job?
  27. Don’t do that. Keep working, keep saving.
  28. Don’t forget to maintain your vehicles regularly. Learn to do it yourself, it’s highly satisfactory.
  29. Enroll in online agriculture classes, like the Organic Agriculture Certification program at Washington State University. Learn!
  30. Locate an incubator farm, like the Elma C. Lomax Incubator Farm in Concord, NC. Become a participant.
  31. Move camper onto incubator farm.
  32. Register your farm business.
  33. Work your fucking ass off! Grow food! Experiment! Market yourself! Sell! It’ll happen slowly, but it will grow.
  34. Begin broadening your scope. Explore other aspects of agriculture that interest you, such as chickens, pigs and cows, or canning and baking. Start laying the foundations for the farm you want to build!
  35. Keep your day job. Keep saving.
  36. Don’t forget to let loose and have fun every so often! Reward yourself for working as hard as you are! You’re rounding bases with astonishing momentum, and you owe it to yourself.
  37. Acquire land. Build a house if necessary.
  38. Begin your transition from the incubator farm to your farm. It’ll happen slowly, but you’ll be up and running soon enough!
  39. Acquire a tractor.
  40. Build your pasture. Prepare your beds.
  41. Build a good fence.
  42. Get a couple dogs. Not only will they help protect your crops and livestock, but they will be loving companions!
  43. Acquire your livestock and seed.
  44. Grow!
  45. Sell!
  46. Build a shop.
  47. Become as self-sufficient as possible, but continue growing your community.
  48. Quit your job?
  49. Maybe, but probably not. Instead, try to work something out where you stay with the company, but on a more part-time basis.
    1. Be sure to have good standing in company prior to negotiating anything as such.
  50. Grow your business! Take risks! Get money!
  51. Get married, start a family. Raise your children to know the connection between life and everything.
  52. If you haven’t by now, quit your job. You’re a farmer, no doubt!
  53. Pick up that guitar that’s been gathering dust for years. And pick it good.
  54. Learn French.
  55. Do some travelling.
  56. Keep reading.
  57. Keep dreaming, and always be scheming.
  58. Grow old and die.


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