The Chickens Come First

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Then Come the Eggs!

One hundred and seven happy, healthy black Barred Rock fluff-nuggets (and one yellow one…?!?) are now proud members of the Street Fare Farm family! These cute little girls and boys are peeping and running around, eating like crazy, and I just can’t wait for them to grow up and start laying some delicious, pastured, non-GMO eggs that I can share with you all! There’s nothing you can do to an egg that I won’t like… scrambled, fried, omeletted, deviled, boiled, poached, or even raw Rocky style. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: I love eggs. Now the clock is ticking for me to get their upscale chicken condo up and running for them to move into in a little over a month, so they can stretch their legs in the sunshine, scratch around in the dirt, and eat some of them healthy salad grasses! I can’t wait! A special thank you to Hilary and Holly for your assistance the big day of their arrival.

If you look around, you’ll notice that everything is flushing with green and life is beginning to burst forth again after the winter slumber. We’ve had more growing hours (sunny with temperatures above 50) the past two weeks then in the entire 2016 preceding, and the veggies are loving it! Kale, collards, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflour, beets, radishes, carrots, lettuce, peas and arugula are growing towards the sun, reaching their roots into the soil, breathing in the air, and storing all these nutrients in their bodies to be digested by your bellies soon! We’re also extremely lucky to have received a warm, dry-ish spell that has been just enough to dry the soil out sufficiently to be able to get the tractor out and work up some more ground without damaging the soil. And not a moment too soon! I have onions and potatoes ready to go in the ground, and the summer crops are just around the corner! Starting early next weed, I’ll be planting trays of cucumbers, squash and zucchini in the greenhouse to go out in the field middle of April! Where does the time go?

Just a couple more weeks to sign up for the Street Fare Farm CSA! What could be better than getting the freshest, healthiest produce grown right here in your backyard, from me, a man you can trust and will certainly go the extra mile to guarantee your satisfaction? I’m ready to become a member of your family and for you to become a member of mine, and together live, learn and grow!

A couple chilly nights forecasted this weekend, but then I think we’ll be in the clear here on out! I wish you a week of health, mindfulness and revelation in the beauty of this planet! Be well!

Processed with VSCOcam with 4 preset


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