The Time Has Come

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To Get Your Vegetables!

What wacky weather we’ve been experiencing, am I right? Last month I made a wager with one of my buddies at the Lomax Farm, Cody, that we wouldn’t see temperatures dip into the 20s for the rest of the spring. Well, I’ve lost that wager. Twice. And it’s supposed to drop down again this Saturday night! So now I owe Cody a What-a-burger… I think, though I’d be hesitant to bet on it, but I think that this will be the last cold snap of the spring. At least I hope so!

Ladies and gentlemen, tomorrow will be the Spring Fest at the NoDa Farmers Market in the field at the corner of 36th St. and Alexander St., and yours truly will be there slinging lettuce heads, radish bunches, baby kale and Rowland’s Row pastured, non-GMO eggs! I can’t wait to get started at this new market, and I hope to see you out there! Wear a jacket, the temperatures are supposed to be cool tomorrow.

I guess I wasn’t completely honest in the opening paragraph, I totally AM betting that this weekend will be the last frost of the season, for next week I’m going hog wild with my first plantings of my summer crops! That’s right, I hope you folks are ready for squash, zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, basil, peppers, eggplant and melons, because they are ready to slip out of their plastic underwear and plunge into the soft soil and stretch their roots out. I know I’m ready, so if you aren’t, you better make a point of getting there!

My chick babies are continuing to eat, poop. sleep, but most importantly, GROW! I can’t believe how fast they are growing, thought I guess I can when I realize how much they eat. They’re like baby elephants, no joke. They’re so close to being able to outwit my cardboard brooder and jump out into the kitchen. Just a couple more weeks until they will be moving outside…

The first CSA deliveries will be in just a couple weeks! Thank you to all who signed up! I can’t wait to meet those of you I don’t know, and reconnect with those of you I do!

I hope to see you all tomorrow at the Spring Fest! Bring the whole family out, it will be a blast! Have a wonderful week, and try to practice gratitude daily. I’ve been working on it, and it really brightens things up! Be well!

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