The Art of the Routine

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“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” 

– Paulo Coelho

Happy September! I’m coming to you today with some much needed rain and cooler temperatures in the forecast. I have to admit, I am so happy that August is over… The heat, the lack of growth, the tail end of the long summer grind. I’m not just happy, I’m ecstatic! I’m feeling energized for the fall, feeling like I’m getting my groove back, and I’m excited to share all the delicious produce we have coming this fall with you, my faithful and trusted customers!

Today I want to tell you about something that I’ve been working on in my personal life for quite some time, and that is developing routines for myself to not only increase productivity and efficiency, but to be able to fit in all the things that I’m interested in and improve my life. This whole journey back to the land has not only been about my passion for producing quality, nutrient dense food by working with the rhythms of nature, but also about personal growth for me, and developing the lifestyle that I’ve always imagined I’d have and becoming the man I’ve always thought I could be. When I first started my blog over three years ago, I subtitled the blog “Health and Balance.” I think we all strive for balance in our lives: between work and home life: between the relationships we have with friends, families, coworkers: between exercise and rest. What I’ve realized is that balance is achieved through discipline, and discipline is achieved through diligence and commitment, and I believe the best way to achieve all this is by developing and constantly tweaking your own personal routines! What you DON’T want to do, however, is create routines that schedule every single moment of every day, for in order to achieve balance, you have to have flexibility, and schedule plenty of time for rest and relaxation! I’ll use my routine as an example.

First of all, I like to plan the next day every night before I go to bed, and I set my morning schedule up to attempt to accomplish a lot first thing. SO, I wake up at 5am, journal, practice guitar, meditate, exercise, and eat breakfast, and I do this just about everyday except for Saturdays, when I have to wake up and go to the market to see your beautiful, smiling faces! This morning routine usually takes me about two to two-and-a-half hours, and since implementing it, I feel great! I get done the things I want to do early in the morning, and I start the day on a positive note of productivity and accomplishment! I challenge you to pick one thing, likely the one thing that you keep telling yourself you wish you had more time to do, and make it a challenge to yourself to spend 10 minutes every morning working on that thing. It doesn’t have to be first thing, you may have your cup of coffee first! If you wish you had more time to read, then spend that time reading. If you’d like to learn a new language, spend 10 minutes every morning on Rosetta Stone or Duolingo. If you’d like to get into better shape, go on a 10 minute run, or do pushups and pullups for 10 minutes. It’s as simple as that, and you’ll definitely see improvement with just 10 minutes a day. Real joy and fulfillment can come from trying to become the best you you can possibly be!

Out on the farm, we’re starting to get back on track after the dog days of August and some minor setbacks in our fall production, and I am feeling inspired and motivated to rock out this Autumn season and bring you some of them delicious and nutritious vegetables! Beets, radishes, carrots, rutabagas, mizuna, mustards, arugula and lettuce mix has been sown, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, collards, lettuce heads, kohlrabi, pak choy, tat soi, cabbage, and chard are starting to get put out in the field. This rain is great, and the cooler temperatures will go a long way to ensure these crops take root and get on their journey to your bellies!

I hope to see you all at the Winecoff Market tomorrow from 8-Noon! It’s going to be a beautiful day, I can feel it in my bones. We had a beautiful harvest of pie pumpkins that I’ll be bringing, as well as okra, peppers, eggplant, squash, zucchini, butternut squash and acorn squash! Also, I’m very excited to announce that, making their debut at the Winecoff Market, for the first time ever, Street Fare Farm pasture-raised, free-roaming, non-GMO EGGS!!! Get pumped for protein, people! I hope to see you there!

I hope you all are as happy as I am about September and the oncoming Autumn! Have a great week, be well, and smile!

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