“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.”  

-John F. Kennedy

Well hello there, my fine farm friends, and perhaps, foes? What am I talking about, I love you all! I hope your Friday is moving along quite swimmingly, and that you are looking forward to your weekend! If you don’t have any plans as of yet, might I suggest that you come out this Sunday, 9/11, to join us at the A Chef’s Life Fourth Helping premiere event from 2pm to 8pm. It’s going to be a blast! We’ll start out at Veterans Park at 2pm with live music from Jim Avett, David Childers and Shirlette Ammons. Then, at the Gem Theater in Kannapolis, there will be a screening of the season four premiere episode, “Onions and Avetts,” which was filmed at the Elma C. Lomax Incubator Farm last May, featuring none other than Street Fare Farm onions! Vivian Howard and Scott Avett will be in attendance at this event, and it will be fun for the whole family! For more information, and to purchase tickets to the screening, click here –>

Out in the fields, the fall crops are starting to pick up some steam! I think they love these cooler nights as much as I do! There’s really nothing I love more than sleeping with the windows open at night, something about the natural ambiance that sends me serenely into slumber! Anyway, the first few successions of direct sown mizuna, mustard, arugula, lettuce mix, beets, radishes, rutabagas and turnips are really starting to take off, and with the cooler temperatures anticipated next week, we should really start to see some serious growth! This weekend, we also have big plans to get some transplants in the ground. We’re talking broccoli, cauliflower, kohlrabi, cabbage, lettuce, kale, collards, pak choy and tat soi. Can you taste it?! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for greens season again! Fried, roasted, or raw, all I’ve got to say is, “Gimme!”

Come on out to the NoDa Farmer’s Market tomorrow from 8am to Noon to see our boy Matt slinging veggies and farm fresh eggs! We will not be at the Winecoff Market tomorrow, but will return next week!

So last week I talked about the benefits of developing a routine, and I got some great feedback from some of you! I hope you all took some time to do some of the things that really makes you fulfilled. If there is one thing that I could recommend you add to your daily routines (though, there are actually quite a few things), it would be daily exercise. I am very passionate about fitness, in fact, without this passion, I don’t think I would have ever discovered my passion for sustainable agriculture! I was very athletic as a kid, playing baseball and soccer since I was just a tike, and then wrestling throughout high school, and developing an interest in weightlifting early on in middle school that continues to this day. Back then, however, physical activity and exercise were all I needed to stay lean and feeling healthy, but as I got older, it soon became evident that I couldn’t keep eating burritos, cheeseburgers and ice cream every day and maintain that balance. That’s what led me to diet, nutrition, and eventually agriculture, and my view of organic agriculture as not only a way of providing proper nutrition to myself and my community, but also as a means of staying physically active.

Daily exercise has incredible benefits towards feeling and looking good. Getting active and using your muscles releases hormones in your brain and body that work to enable the physiological and psychological functions that enable to body to process more efficiently, from hormones to manage physical and psychological stress, to regulate the circulatory system, to promote balance in the brain, to effectively utilizing the food you eat in the most efficient ways possible. Personally, I have found exercise to be the most potent antidepressant available, helping to regulate mood and foster optimism and happiness. Exercise also improves cognition, meaning is makes you smarter! This also occurs by the release of hormones, which reduce cortisol (the stress hormone that has been linked to neurological degeneration) and help repair and grow the neurons in your brain, which are the nerves that control your whole being! Also, improving your cardiovascular capacity allows for better blood flow, which means more oxygen to the brain, which leads to clearer thinking!

It doesn’t matter what your exercise is, as long as you fit it in! This could be as simple as getting up from the desk more often during the day, going on a 20 minute walk during your lunch break, practicing yoga a few times a week, to getting on a running, swimming, or weight lifting routine! Personally, I try to achieve balance with two days yoga per week, two days cardio and two days strength training, with one day rest. Now, that’s pretty intense, but I’ve been working out for many years at this point. If you’re just starting out, start slow, and build it up naturally, The worst thing you can do is try to do too much early on, get overwhelmed and frustrated, and then quit. The best advice I can give you, though, is to start NOW! Do something today, whatever it is, and tonight you’ll sleep better, the world will look a little brighter, and you’ll wake up tomorrow with more energy, I promise!

To wrap up, I wish to announce that tomorrow night I am going to begin posting my workouts for the following day on the Street Fare Farm Facebook page, which you can find the link to below (if you haven’t checked that out yet, I’d be much obliged if you visited and gave me a like or review!). I always plan my workout for the next morning right before bed, and really want to encourage others to get into a regular exercise regimen so that you can live healthy, fulfilled lives! And if you want to get outside for some exercise, we are always looking for volunteers to come out and help us in the fields! If this interests you, shoot me an e-mail or drop me a line, and we’ll set something up!

I wish you all health and happiness in the week to come, and let me know how your routines are coming along!



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