Winter’s Coming Back

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“Therefore, those who are hard and inflexible belong belong to death’s domain, while the gentle and flexible belong to life.”

-Tao Te Ching

Just when you think Spring has arrived early and is here to stay, they throw a little snow in the forecast… Wait, SNOW?! It was near 80°F yesterday! Not only snow on Sunday, but six nights out of the next seven are showing temperatures of sub-freezing. Oh for Pete’s sake! I suppose we ought to get used to crazy weather patterns, what with there being no sign of us coming together as a species to abate the ensuing onslaught of climate-change. But alas, I will save you from a rant today. We’re going to be pushing back all our plantings that I had planned to get out next week, and cover all the planties we have in the ground, and pray. Pray a lot for the chill to pass us by and the sub-freezing temperatures maintain the quality of brevity that I have come to greatly admire in my time here in the south. Have at ye, Mr. Frost!

Aside from the dread of the coming cold, we’ve been keeping busy here at Street Fare Farm, prepping beds for the coming plantings, keeping things going in the greenhouse, and continually working out the kinks in our system. One piece of fantastic news, we found a car for Lily! You’ll see here cruising around town now, windows down and music blaring, in her champagne minivan! Look for the Street Fare Farm sticker on the back windshield, and tell her to slow down! Just joking, but this is great, for now she and I can divide and conquer, enabling a much more effective farming routine! I have confidence that this will translate to even better quality of produce for you!

Listen up now, my homies, April is just a couple weeks away, which means that NOW is the time to sign up for the CSA! What could be better than saving money on your weekly grocery bill by paying up front and getting the freshest veggies money can by, hand selected by yours truly for your culinary captivation? It sounds like a dream come true, right? IT AIN’T! Click HERE for all the details and to sign up today! BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! For anyone that signs up for the WHOLE YEAR CSA share, you will receive two tickets to the Carolina Jubilee! The Carolina Jubilee is a music and food festival that began in 2015 with the mission of raising money to support the mission of the Carolina Farm Trust, protecting farm land and fostering an ecosystem of sustainable farming in the Carolina’s. Click HERE for more information! Already signed up for the CSA before this opportunity came to fruition? NO WORRIES! This opportunity will work retroactively, and anyone who signed up for the Spring season will be able to take advantage of this opportunity if they go ahead and sign up for the Fall as well! TICKETS ARE LIMITED, so sign up TODAY!

I sure hope you’ll brave the morning chill and come out to see my lovely niece and I at the farmer’s markets! Lily will be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at the Winecoff Market and I will be ready and rarin’ at the NoDa Market, both of which run from 9am til noon! Tomorrow we’ll have pea shoots, radish shoots, sunflower shoots, and, of course, the belle of the ball, pastured, non-GMO eggs! See you there!

I hope you all have a fantastic week, keep our veggies in your thoughts, and stay warm! Much love!

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