The Daily Steward

“Each of us has a unique part to play in the healing of the world.” 

-Marianne Williamson

Subdue the Earth

There is something awe-inspiring in these clear winter days, where the sunshine seems entirely too brilliant for the temperature to be as low as it is. Maybe it has something to do with there being no foliage on the trees, thereby allowing more sky to come down so blue-ly around us. February is here, however, and plants are popping in the green house! Onions are started, spinach is next, then there’s only going to be more and more until the first plants go in the ground, hopefully somewhere in the first week of March, though I’ve got a good amount of ground to work (like, any ground, to be perfectly honest) so these little plants will have a happy home. It’s happening though, and I’m ready for some fresh veggies, let me tell you what!

My tractor came in! (See picture below). That’s right. Sexy. Who wants to name her? Now I have the means to push that earth around, build these beds, and really start refining these systems of intensive cropping and equally intensive soil building. I admit, I was starting to go down the road of a more conventional mindset, trying to eek out as many cash crops out of every patch of earth I could, foregoing some of the environmentalistic notions that got me on this road to begin with, in an attempt to make sure I was making enough money to sustain myself and move my business forward. While this was not an altogether bad thing to want, I know, and hope you all also know, that a strong bottom line, while important, shouldn’t be the end goal. In fact, I believe it could be argued that focusing on some of the more qualitative aspects of your daily endeavors will lend itself to building up that bottom line, though I recognize that that is not the rule.

Yes, I need to make money selling vegetables and eggs, but my focus is not on producing more and more in order to sell more. My goal is to build the health of the soil, the health of the ecosystem, to nurture the plants and thereby produce nutrient dense food to nourish my and your bodies. My goal is to build a community around this sort of sustainable food system, and to encourage and facilitate a means of getting you, the consumer, more directly connected to the source of your food. My goal is to do all this while maintaining a balanced life, working hard while maintaining sufficient time away from the job in order to pursue my other interests, of which I have far too many! I implore you to join me in this mission, which I bracket under the broader idea of “stewardship,” which Oxford defines as “the job of supervising or taking care of something,” and let us create a community that values careful quality in all things!

I’ll be at the Winecoff Market tomorrow from 9am til noon, and I hope you will, too! I’ll have Pea Shoots, Radish Shoots, Sunflower Shoots, and a ton of Pasture-Raised, Non-GMO Eggs!

Do you love my girls’ eggs as much as I do? Do you eat them by the carton more than by the egg? Well keep your eyes peeled, because the Street Fare Farm Egg CSA is coming soon! Stay tuned!

Have a great week!


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