The Daily Steward

But God proves his own love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Romans 5:8

What a Good Friday it is! It would appear the Spring has arrived, though I knock on wood as I type this, for we are almost assured another frost or two before winters gnarled hand loosens it’s grasp until the other three seasons have their chance. Spring and Autumn are my favorite, when the sun gains or loses it’s power that will surely redden my neck come midsummer, but I’m happy to soak in these shoulder season salutations for the present.

This coming week is planting week! I’ve had my beds tarped for the past two weeks in an attempt to smother out a bit of the ensuing weed pressure. Last week, I had 20 yards of organic compost delivered, as well as picked up a new sprinkler system for some overhead irrigation I’ll be experimenting with this season, and had my companions pick up some bags of fertilizer for me, and come Monday, I’ll be removing the tarp and spreading all these inputs atop the beds, mixing them in ever so shallowly so as not to bring up new weed seeds from the soils depths, setting up the irrigation, and get to planting! If any of you reading this are at all interested in coming out on Monday, or really any day next week, to help me with this bed prep and planting, I would be much obliged! I created an event on Facebook for this Bed Prep Bonanza, and if you should come out to the Lomax Incubator Farm to help, I’ll buy you lunch, send you home with some eggs and microgreens, and invite you back to my place for some beers and chicken-gazing! I hope to see you there!

I look forward to seeing your Spring-flushed faces tomorrow morning at the Piedmont Farmers Market on Winecoff Shool Rd.! I’ll be there with the first hints of my coming farmer’s tan, slinging Pea Shoots, Radish Shoots and Sunflower Shoots, as well as Woodlot-Raised, Non-GMO eggs! I’m still very long on eggs, so come on out for a special 2 dozen for $9! Some people complain about the price of my eggs, but here’s the deal: you can get your eggs from the grocery store very cheaply, but those eggs are produced by chickens that live their whole lives in tiny cages, eating nothing but grain, and never seeing the light of day. Those lackluster diets and stressful living conditions truly come out in the quality and nutrient content of the eggs, and to top it all off, most of the eggs you get at the grocery store are already a month old! My girls spend all day every day out of doors, scratching and pecking for tasty worms, grubs and bugs that enrich the quality of their eggs, supplementing their forage with leftover veggies and a locally grown, non-GMO feed that isn’t cheap, let me tell you. I hand-wash each and every one of them every day(10+ dozen a day right now…), it’s the first thing I do in the morning! And I will never sell eggs that are over 2 weeks old, most of them are laid the week that I bring them. Nothing beats fresh eggs, and nothing beats fresh eggs from happy chickens. And, being that it’s Easter weekend, you could buy a couple extra dozen just to hide around the yard for your Easter Egg Hunts! Maybe?

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend, and find comfort in the fact that we were made as beings of love to reign over creation, and to shed that love on everybody and everything you encounter! Peace be with you!


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