Dinosaurs and Chickens

Life finds a way…

-Jeff Goldbloom, Jurassic Park

The Daily Steward

I let myself sleep an extra hour this morning, but after falling asleep again after turning off my alarm, I had the most vivid dream that a prehistoric velociraptor had gotten in with my chickens. And there I’d been, worryin’ on and on about hawks and owls, cayotes and raccoons. I was ill-prepared for the predicament I had found myself in. Even less prepared were the chickens, though they often bear a strong resemblance to a heard of tiny dinosaurs, especially when running down the hill towards me, hoping that I’m there to give them treats. Upon further reflection of this dream after I’d finally managed to pull my arse out of bed, it occurred to me that I seemed to recall having a similar dream at some point in my past dream-life wherein I’d had a similar problem, but the adversary then was a pterodactyl. All I can do is hope and pray that these dreams are not warnings of an invasion of jurassic proportions at Street Fare Farm, though I guess I best take heed and at least get a .22 or something!

It’s been a long week of planting, but the job is almost done! The last seeds (of this first planting) will be going in the ground directly after writing this here newsletter. This is such wonderful news, for I tire of only having microgreens to freshen my cuisine. I’m ready for some veggies. What veggies, you ask? Well, I’ll just go right on ahead and tell ya! We’re talking red beets, gold beets, red onions, yellow onions, lettuce mix, spinach, baby kale, arugula, carrots, mustards, kohlrabi, pac choy, and broccoli raab! In addition to getting all that in the ground this week, I was also able to mow and do a light till on the plot to be planted in the summer veggies, and got it tarped for a spell to kill off some of the weed pressure. I’m feeling really good about this season, guys. I’m excited to bring for you the fruits of my labor!

With all this stuff getting done this week, I’m hoping next week to get a lot of stuff done over at the homestead, including but not limited to mowing, breaking ground and tarping where the fall crops will go, put some finishing touches on the 100 gallon greens bubbler I built, convert a wash machine into an electric greens spinner, and tackle a couple other projects. I’ll tell you what, farming encompasses so, so much more than just playing in the dirt in the sunshine. My invitation stands for any and all of you that want to see what a good days work, I’d love the company and would appreciate the help! I couldn’t express more gratitude without having a stroke for all the folks that have graced my modest fields with their presence! I wouldn’t be where I am without all your support!


Instead, you’ll be able to find me with pep in my step and a twinkle in my eye at the 13th Annual Plant and Herb Festival at the Cabarrus Arena Center from 8am til 4pm! I’ll have eggs, microgreens, as well as a bunch of tomato and eggplant seedlings for you to plant in your gardens! It’s going to be a beautiful day, I hope to see you out there!

I hope you all have such a glorious weekend. Spring is here, and I hope it is finding you well! Peace and love!


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