Spring Push

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”

-Theodore Roosevelt

The Daily Steward

I’m so happy to announce that the big spring push is over! Over the past 2 weeks, myself, with the help of many other very gracious and willing helpers, not to mention good lookin, were able to get 300 tomato plants in the ground, 100 squash and zucchini plants, 100 cucumbers, 140 peppers, 140 eggplant, 140 okra, and 200 feet of green beans planted. The weather’s been pretty steamy, but mostly pretty enjoyable to be working in. In addition to getting all these first rounds of summer veggies in the ground, we were also able to set up the deer fence in the summer plot, get a few of the spent beds in the spring plot turned over and prepped for another planting of something else, and had a bountiful harvest that we’ll be bringing to the market bright and early tomorrow morning!

I’m happy to be done with this push here, for now I have a little breathing room to be able to turn my focus on the home fields, getting the ground broken, amended, bedded and tarped so that they’ll be ready and waiting for the first fall plantings come late August! I love the Lomax Farm, I do, but I’m over commuting… I’m sure you all can relate! 

I hope you’ll come out to the Piedmont Farmer’s Market on Winecoff School Rd. tomorrow from 8am til noon! Hans and I will be there with Lettuce, Arugula, Radishes, Turnips, Beets, Spring Onions, Kohlrabi, Microgreens, and Woodlot-Raised, Non-GMO Eggs! I’m predicting a mild and generally pleasant morning, weather-wise. Maybe a little overcast with a light breeze, not too hot and not too humid. Come on out and see us!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! School’s almost out, and vacation time is almost upon us!


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