Solstice? It’s Been Summer…

This is the solstice, the still point of the sun, its cusp and midnight, the year’s threshold and unlocking, where the past lets go of and becomes the future; the place of caught breath.

-Margaret Atwood

The Daily Steward

Yeah I said it. The solstice may have officially marked the first day of summer, but, I’m tellin’ ya, summer’s been here for a minute as far as I’m concerned! Hans and I have been getting out to the farm by 6am to beat the heat and get the harvesting done when the fruits are at their plumpest and juciest. And, lemme tell ya somethin’ else, we’re picking some plump and juicy fruits presently! We’ll have a few hundred pounds of squash, zucchini and cucumbers at the market tomorrow, so get your skillets ready, wipe off that juicer, warm up that pickler, sharpen them choppers, and get you some summer veg!

I know, I know, everyone wants to know, when are the tomatoes coming?! Well, as is indicative of the photo above, there are some tomatoes beginning to ripen! I’m going to let you in on a little secret: tomatoes are not so different from you or I. They, like you or I, don’t like it when it’s too hot outside. We’ve got them tucked under the caterpillar tunnel, protected from the wind and the rain, the fog and the foam, and we’ve even got a shade cloth over the tunnel, blocking out 30% of the sun’s shine, but, man, that thing traps heat. When we get days like we’ve had of late in the mid-nineties, it gets upward of 120°F in that piece! Hence, the reason we’ve endearingly dubbed her the “Ziploc Bag.” But, all that aside, the saving grace has been the fact that the nighttime lows have been dipping into the seventies and even high 60s, so the plants are looking good and still growing, and there are a ton of green fruits hanging, they’re just taking their sweet time ripening up. Soon, my friends, soon!

I anticipate with great relish catching a glimpse of your shining eyes and smiling faces at the Piedmont Farmer’s Market on Winecoff School Rd. tomorrow from 8am til noon! Hans and I will be there, as I’m sure you know, this fact being the highlight of your week, with a ton of veggies in tow! I’ve already enlightened you to the immense quantity of Squash, Zucchini, and Cucumber, but I’m excited to tell you that the Lettuce mix is back for a limited time only! Additionally, we’ll have Red Beets, Gold Beets, Pink Turnips, Orange Carrots, Rainbow Carrots, Pea Shoots, Radish Shoots, Sunflower Shoots, and, of course, your favorite, Woodlot-Raised, Non-GMO Eggs! See you there!

Have a wonderful weekend and a blessed week ahead, and, all kidding, and hopefully heat aside, happy Summer for reals!


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