Dirty Thirty

The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power.


Well folks, I’m hitting a milestone this coming week. On Wednesday, I’ll have traveled around this big beautiful, life-giving sun of ours thirty times. Let me tell you, I’m kind of excited. I’m excited to be taken more seriously for one thing, cuz nobody really takes anything a twenty-something has to offer without a grain of salt. What I’m really excited about, though, which is not really related to the age I’m turning whatsoever, is that things are coming along at the home site. I cleared out the rest of my tools and odds and ends from the Lomax Farm this past week, and it feels as though a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Don’t get me wrong, I love Lomax and all the connections and friendships I’ve been able to forge throughout my tenure there. I often tell people that one of the biggest reasons why I feel like this path I’m on is the one I’m meant to be on is that when I had the hair-brained epiphany that I’d like to try my hand at farming that one fateful night almost six years ago, the fact that the Lomax Farm and it’s program to help aspiring growers get their business up and running without having to assume all the capital risks that are inherent in any startup, that are especially risky and capital intensive for a farming enterprise, was located just outside the city I had moved to only a couple years before feels to me to be of a nature of providence more so than serendipity. I’m extremely grateful for the staff and the fellow farmers-in-training and the community of farmers and the greater supporting community surrounding the Lomax Farm, without your help I would not be where I am today. If you aren’t familiar with the Lomax Farm, please check them out at this link, and if you care to support other aspiring agripreneurs, please consider joining the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association who manages the Lomax Farm, or consider giving a donation so that they can keep doing the work their doing to change the world by changing our flawed food system. Thank you!

There’s just something about waking up and being able to get right to work, to be able to walk into the house and make a little lunch, and to be able to call it quits, crack a beer, and start a fire to wrap up the day in the most idyllic of fashions. I am beginning to appreciate the beauty of this place where I live in a way that I haven’t though I’ve lived here for almost three years now. I was driving down to Fort Mill during rush hour on Halloween to go trick-or-treating with my lovely girlfriend Sky and her son, Elijah (clever costume, eh?!), and that experience reminded me of how excited I am to no longer have to commute to get to work, something I’ve dreamed of since leaving my former 9-5 and the daily battle at rush hour! I’m excited to decrease my monthly gasoline budget, and to not have to worry about planning my schedule so diligently to try to balance my home-life and my work-life, for now they will be that much more intertwined. I realize I’ll still have to do those things, and it’s probably not going to be as utopian as it is in my mind right now, but just let me revel in this dream for a bit longer!

I’ve been going full bore getting some projects done and giving the place a long-overdue tidying up, as well as getting the working-areas here at home properly set up. My post-harvest area is now set up to wash greens with my greens-bubbler, my wash-machine-converted-salad-spinner, and my greens drying screen! Next step is to get the walk-in cooler set up so I can keep all these freshly washed greens chilled. Also on the docket is building a 10ft long root-washing and drying table. Stay tuned as well for news on spreading compost on my beds for next season, cuz I’ll need some help!

I hope to see you guys at the Piedmont Farmer’s Market on Winecoff School Rd. tomorrow from 9am til noon! I’ve got a new produce I’m excited to introduce: Micro Salad Mix! This is a bagged mix of pea shoots, radish shoots, arugula shoots, broccoli shoots, kale shoots, cabbage shoots and kohlrabi shoots that is great as a salad or a topper on your sandwich, in a wrap, or on your soup! It is soup season, donchaknow! We’ll also have shiitake mushrooms, pea shoots, radish shoots, sunflower shoots, woodlot-raised, free-roaming non-GMO eggs and Rowland’s Row butternut squash. Come see me!

It feels really good to be writing these newsletters again. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a fantastic week, and let yourself celebrate a little bit on my behalf!


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