It Starts with Love

Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand.

-Mother Teresa

The Daily Steward

I’m so happy to have woken up this morning to see the sun peaking up over the ever thinning horizon as the most colorful autumn foliage I’ve seen in the seven years I’ve lived down here continue to fall and flutter down to the ground, to decay and feed the micro and macro biota that dwell on the forest floor. I forget the exact statistic, but we are losing top soil due to erosion at an alarming rate here in the States and around the globe, partially due to the clearing of forests that are the greatest soil-building factories there are. When we clear those forests, not only are we losing the potential they had in their soil-producing capacity, but we are stripping the land of the networks of root systems that act as long, gnarly fingers that keep the soil in place, and the vegetation that helps to absorb the rain that falls. When that’s gone, the rains, like the rains we’ve had over the course of this week, wash the soil, and whatever other byproducts of our current human condition, down the drain, into the rivers and streams, and inevitably into the oceans. It’s scary to think about not having enough soil to grow the food to feed the population, and it’s past time that we realize the soil for what it truly is: our greatest natural resource the is ultimately the fundamental building block from which all of our other natural resources are derived. It’s time we stop clearing and start planting, stop consuming all the time and start producing a bit more. I personally find it very easy to slip into a very cynical state when, being as involved and connected with nature as I am, I see how disconnected our conventional society has become. I don’t know what the future may hold, but I propose that the future might look better if we as a species stopped placing ourselves apart and above the rest of the life on this planet and realize our place within it, and not just within it but commissioned with the responsibility of stewarding, fostering, and protecting the life here on our home planet, from the soil to the plants to the creatures that roam the land, the seas, and the skies. I think just remaining conscious of the fact that we are as much a part of the web of life as the worms that wriggle under our feet and the wildflowers that bloom on the side of the interstate would go a long way in accepting our greatest commission and in remedying the hyper-consumptive nature of our prevailing societal norms, and I think that ultimately stems from love. I digress…

While the rains fell this week, I still was able to get some good stuff started and completed. Yesterday, I placed my seed order for next season, and I was able to transfer the data from my production plan into a Google Calendar so that I have a very raw game plan for every week of the growing season. My new irrigation system was delivered, and now that the skies have cleared and the sun has come out, my next tasks are to run power to the well that will be delivering the water to my fields and to get my walk-in cooler assembled and operational. Beyond that, compost still needs to be spread atop the beds that are currently under tarps, fertilizer and amendments need to be ordered, and I need to acquire another caterpillar tunnel! The deer fence needs to be installed, and the irrigation system set up. Things are moving along well, but there’s still a lot to be done before the first crops go in the ground mid-February! I’m so excited. You should be, too!

Y’all, there’s still time to sign up for the 2019 Street Fare Farm CSA before Thanksgiving and receive a $20 gift certificate redeemable at any time at my booth at the Piedmont Farmer’s Market on Winecoff School Rd.! You can use that gift certificate to stay in eggs and microgreens throughout the winter, or hold onto it until something more to your liking comes into season! Like to can tomatoes or pickle cucumbers? Save the gift certificate until summer! My goal with the CSA is to develop a community of conscientious eaters that value the benefits of fresh, local produce and help foster some of that mindset of stewardship that I was ranting about above. Click here for full details and the form to sign up!

I hope to see you at the farmer’s market tomorrow! In addition to the usual selection of microgreens, I’ll be introducing another new product I’ve been developing, Basil Shoots! Use it just like you would use any basil and add a bit of summer flavor to your autumn meals! The mushrooms have decided to quit producing for this weeks market, but we’ll see if we get anymore with a little sunshine in the forecast. And, of course, I’ll have some fresh, free-roaming, non-GMO eggs! I recently took down the fencing on the run I had my chickens in to give it a bit of a break, and the girls have been spreading out and eating lots of different bugs and plants and their yolks are looking more golden than ever. Come get you some!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and a most excellent week ahead. As we come to a time of Thanksgiving, it’s my prayer and hope that you all remain safe, and truly embody an attitude of gratitude for the life that we have and the experience upon this beautiful planet that we’ve been given by the grace of God. All you need is love!


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