Winter Solstice

If winter comes, can spring be far behind? 

– Percy Bysshe Shelley

The Daily Steward

Happy Solstice errbody! It’s an oddly warm and rainy start to the winter, but that’s ok. Actually, I’m not that ok with it. I’m so sick of the rain! The basement is starting to take in water as saturated as the ground is, and I’m in desperate need of some vitamin sunshine. It rained all last weekend that I was away celebrating the union of my oldest and closest friend Matt to his bride Elise, pictured above. Apparently its good luck to get married on a rainy day, it starts the marriage off on a note of cleansing. It was a beautiful ceremony, and it was great to be there for my dear friend and to see many faces that I haven’t seen in a long time. I’m making it a resolution in 2019 to keep in closer touch and reach out more often to the people I care about, and while this trip was brief, it was great to see some of those people once again! Sky and I had a lovely visit with my parents and my niece Annalise and her lovely mother Tory after the wedding festivities, and we made it back safe and sound Monday evening. Congrats Matt and Elise, I pray for many years of deep love and companionship for the both of you!

I want to give a very special shout-out to my Father, David, today. Today is a momentous day for my father, as today is his last day at work EVER! That’s right, after some 35-odd years as a maritime attorney, as well as other working lives prior, he’s ready to cash it all in and get down to some serious living (and driving my mom nuts)! I’m very proud of my father and his work ethic, he built a tremendous practice for himself in order to support his family, and was top of his field. I find myself becoming more and more like my father with each passing day, and while this used to frighten me immensely, I now know that if I can live on to become half the man that he is, then all his (and my mom’s) efforts in raising me will certainly not be for naught. Congratulations, Dad, I wish you the utmost of fulfillment in your post-work life, as well as some much deserved rest! Here’s his picture from the firms website, I’m looking more and more like him every day too, what with this receding hair line!

David P. Street Attorney at Law

There’s still time to sign up for the 2019 Street Fare Farm CSA and receive a $20 gift certificate redeemable at my booth at the Piedmont Farmer’s Market at any time! The days of 2018 are running thin, but there’s still 10 days to become a part of the Street Fare Farm Family and redeem this limited time offer! Head over here and sign up today!

I hope to see you at the market tomorrow! I missed you last week, but I’ll be there tomorrow with microgreens and eggs! Come get your fixings for a Christmas salad, and I know I’ve said this before, but growing up, every Christmas, without fail, it would turn out that there weren’t enough eggs to feed everyone that was home for the holiday and we’d have to scramble (no pun intended) to find someplace open to fetch some! Don’t let this happen to you! My girls and I have been working hard to make sure that there are plenty of eggs available for your Christmas breakfast, so come and get them!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and I’ll check in with you next week before the new year!


Tis the Season

We are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmastime.

Laura Ingalls Wilder

The Daily Steward

Seasons greetings my faithful farm followers, I trust this edition of The Daily Steward finds you happy and well! Call me a grinch, but I really don’t want to think about Christmastime things in any respect until we are quite clear of Thanksgiving. It irks me to no end how it seems the Christmas marketing gets going earlier and earlier every year. I fear that by the time I have children of my own that are old enough to appreciate the holiday festivities, Christmas music will start playing on the radio after Easter… That’s a tad cynical perhaps, but you get the picture. Ranting aside, my lovely lady friend, Sky, her son Elijah and I took some time out of our busy schedules to get the season going in a proper fashion yesterday. We went out on the property and chopped down a little cedar sapling and set it up in my living room, decorated with lights, garlands, ornaments and ribbons, and munched on sugar cookies, all to the dulcet tones of Elvis Presley’s classic Christmas album crooning in the background. It was sublime, I must say, and I can now say with all assurance that I am in the Christmas spirit!

Rest assured, there is still work getting done here on the farm! My basement, which I think is better than a garage ten-, maybe twenty-fold, is really starting to get organized. Like those colorful orbs dangling from the limbs of the tree, each one of my tools is dangling from the pegboard above my workbench, each in it’s own place! How’s the saying go? A place for everything, and everything in it’s place! That’s the name of the game right now. Additionally, the trench has been dug for the well pump hookups, and the pipe to contain the wire will be laid today. This coming week I hope to build the 10′ washing table I’ve been talking about, and really get the walk-in concrete pad project moving along. Much to do, much to do!

Still on the fence about signing up for the Street Fare Farm CSA? Well, what are you waiting for! How can you turn down the opportunity to receive the freshest produce you’ve ever eaten, produce grown locally with organic methodology that you can feel confident feeding to your family, never worrying about listeria on your carrots or e.coli in your lettuce, and having a personal relationship with the farmer that grows this food to address any needs or concerns, especially a farmer as charming and handsome as myself? It’s a win-win! AND, if you sign up and pay in full before January 1st, you will receive a $20 Gift Certificate redeemable at my booth at the farmers market at any time! Click HERE for more information! I do need to clear up some confusion about the Street Fare Farm CSA: there is a $20 deposit required with the price of the share, and this deposit is for the actual box that the share will be given to you in. I have to have 2 boxes for every CSA member, and they aren’t exactly cheap! This deposit will be returned at the end of the season provided each box is returned. So sorry that wasn’t so clear!

I hope to see you all at the Piedmont Farmer’s Market on Winecoff School Rd. tomorrow from 9am til noon! It may be a little rainy, a little chilly, but I’ll have just the fix for that: microgreens and eggs! How appropriate. We’re supposed to get some snow (and ice) this weekend, which I’m actually stoked about, coming from a clime where snowy winters were a much more common occurrence, and honestly, I feel like snow makes winter more endurable. Come out an stock up on greens and eggs to last out the weather!

Stay safe during the winter weather, maybe try to look at it like I do, as God’s way of giving us a little downtime to revel in the beauty of creation! Have a great weekend!