Planting Days

It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.

-Tony Robbins

Do you ever feel like no matter how hard you’re working, it feels like you’re taking one step forward, then two steps back? Man, I’ve felt that way the past couple weeks. It seemed as though with every victory, with every completed project, some problem would arise that would throw everything off and necessitate my utmost attention, stripping that attention from everything else that I had planned to accomplish. Well, I suppose it’s just a lesson that, while it’s good to have a plan to fall back onto, things rarely go according to plan, and you can either let the setbacks overwhelm you and bring you down, or you can force a grin and bear it, figure it out, and see it through, which will go much further to forge your character. Many people would consider me a character, but that’s a whole other story.

Setbacks aside, we finally have plants in the ground at Street Far Farm! Yesterday I completely filled one caterpillar tunnel with baby kale, arugula and radishes. It was exhausting, but I’m happy to see some green things growing, and certainly ready to bring them to market. The second tunnel will be planted out with spinach, lettuce and radishes any day now, there are just a few more pressing issues at hand considering the miserable outlook in the 10-day forecast. Does anybody else feel waterlogged? I’m praying for a dry spell at the end of this month and beginning of March, I implore you to pray the same. I’m planning to get the first field plantings in the ground mid-March, but there’s still a good bit to do to get the beds ready, and some dry weather would be extremely helpful. Stay tuned for an announcement on a fun-filled day of spreading compost, an event you too can come enjoy!

In personal news, I’ve decided to go on an indefinite social media fast. I won’t go too far into it, but I will say that I think our American society has become increasingly devoid of a sense of tangible, face-to-face communal interaction, and at the same time increasingly preoccupied with the comparison-culture that is inherent in the social media domain. I personally believe that a return to live-and-in-person community development would go a long way to reverse the growing extremist polarity that we see growing in our culture. I also think that social media creates for the individual user a myopic and biased perspective on our world as the algorithms that determine the viewers content are engineered to show you more of what you’re already looking at, whereas true, communal human interaction will give you a perspective on the world that hasn’t been designed to reinforce what you have already been thinking, thereby creating within you a more rounded and grounded perspective. I could go on, and if you’ve read my newsletters in the past you know that I can have a tendency to rant, but I’ll leave it by saying that I’m getting off social media because I want to stop comparing myself to others, I want to break the dopamine-feedback-loop of garnering “likes” and “shares”, I want to be more productive and present, and I want strengthen my own skills of human interaction and make deeper and more meaningful connections with the people I care about. If you’d like to talk more about it, come see me at the market or drop me a line!

Come on out and see us at the Piedmont Farmer’s Market on Winecoff School Rd. tomorrow from 9am til noon and get your microgreens and eggs! I’m hoping we’re just a few weeks away from some real veggies, so stay tuned!

A special shoutout to my new friend and CSA member Steven who has been volunteering a lot of his time out here at the farm, primarily cutting limbs hanging over the road up to the field. I often feel as though I’m entirely undeserving of the opportunities and help that I’ve been given throughout this journey, and I am extremely grateful for Steven and the rest of you that support my efforts. Running a business sometimes feels as an extremely selfish venture, but I try to approach it from the perspective that I’m doing this out of service to my community by providing the healthiest food I can muster from the Earth, and that I’m doing this out of service to the Earth itself, helping to build diversity which lends to a healthier ecosystem. Thanks, Steven, you’re really putting the “Community” in “Community Supported Agriculture”!

Have a wonderful weekend folks, and maybe the next time you’re on the Facebook, if you see a post from a friend that you’d like to comment on, maybe pick up the phone and give them a call before you post that comment? Just a thought! Be well!


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