Lettuce is BACK!

From a small seed, a mighty trunk may grow.


These Carolina springs are getting wonkier and wonkier. I went out on Tuesday in the sleet storm and tried to pick turnips in the tunnels and gave up a few bunches in due to how miserably cold and wet it was. My fingers were numb and my nose was running. Then, come about 3 o’clock, the sky cleared up and the sun peaked out, and the temperature spiked by 25 degrees! It’s hard growing in the spring, too, because of how all-over-the-place the weather can be, and it’s only getting harder, what with climate change and all! It’s crazy to think how disconnected we are as a whole from this planet, thinking as if the health of this planet didn’t directly relate to our ability to keep living. Probably because we now think that if we have enough money, we’ll be able to keep living. All the money in the world can’t buy food that won’t grow from a scorched earth, though. I imagine a hundred years ago, maybe less, people would find our ignorance and disregard for the health of this planet disturbing, if not outright laughable. I have a tendency to be pretty cynical about it, though, so I’m going to move on!

Things are moving along at the farm, slowly but surely. I’m really making an effort to adjust my mindset about this whole endeavor, to come at it with much less urgency and stress and instead with much more care and patience, a mindset that places value on quality rather than quantity. Alisha of the Bulb has been coming out to help on the farm, and last week I provided a whole slew of produce and eggs for her mobile markets to serve those living in food-insecure neighborhoods in the Charlotte area. I’m excited to see where this new relationship takes me and us. We were able to get a ton of stuff harvested this week, get some more baby greens seeded, and get the eggplant and peppers potted up into 4-inch pots to grow out a bit more before we get them in the ground before too long! It’s looking to be pretty rainy this coming week, but hopefully not too much, as I’ve got to get some compost moved and spread on some more beds and get those fertilized so I can keep on planting down the line! We’ve got about fourteen 100′ beds planted  so far, not including the beds in the caterpillar tunnels, so we’ll just keep on marching!

I hope to see you all out at the Piedmont Farmer’s Market on Winecoff School Rd. tomorrow from 8am til noon! We’ll be there with lettuce mix, spinach, baby kale, salad turnips, microgreens and eggs! Coming soon will be more radishes and arugula, and then the hits will keep on coming!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and a terrific week! Much love!